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Damdaman (SIGNED)

Damdaman (SIGNED)


Featured at Liwanag Lit Fest 2023!

Damdaman: Feelings in Filipino
Written by Jocelyn Francisco, PhD. and illustrated by Clarissa Tong
Picture Book
Language / Feelings / AAPI / Filipinx

Damdaman is the fifth of the Little Yellow Jeepney language series. Damdaman introduces feelings in Tagalog/Filipino.

This book was inspired by the makahiya plant. A common sight in the Philippine grasslands, the makahiya plant (Mimosa pudica) is famous for its tendency to curl up its leaves at the slightest tough, as if it were extremely embarrassed about physical contact, hence its name: "makahiya" is derived from the Filipino word "shame" or "shyness" (hiya).
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