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Melt Slather

Melt Slather Candle - Signature Collection

Melt Slather Candle - Signature Collection

These beautifully, handcrafted concrete vessel candles come in your choice of: our Signature Marbling, Black/Black or Grey. Each candle vessel is uniquely different, as they are all individually hand poured. Your candle vessel is then sealed with a non toxic, eco friendly sealer. Because the sealant is eco friendly, you can easily repurpose your empty candle vessel as a plant pot, paper clip holder, change catcher etc. 

The coconut/soy blend candles come in 7oz, are made with wooden wicks, burn clean, and have a wonderful (phthalate free) fragrance.

Choose from 6 different scents:

  • Bamboo Forest: Aloe| Bamboo| Moss| Chrysanthemum| Cardamom| Sea Salt| Amber
  • Exquisite: Musk| Cedar| Tonka Bean| Lemon| Lavender| Sandalwood| Amber| Powder| Marine
  • Succulent Citrus: Orange| Lemon| Agave| Grapefruit| Peach| Sugar
  • Tranquility: Spearmint| Ozone| Coconut| Bamboo| Vanilla| Pineapple
  • Tropical Blast: Orange| Pineapple| Rum| Peach| Strawberry| Melon
  • White Sea: Jasmine| Ginger| Freesia| White Tea| Eucalyptus| Linen| Powder| Mandarin| Bergamot
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